Cody Holmes

Hello my Name Is...

Mr. Cody Holmes

 Cody Holmes

Hello! My name is Mr. Cody Holmes, and this will be my third year teaching 4th grade  at Guthridge Elementary School. I will be teaching reading and language arts.

I am also currently pursuing my master's degree as a reading specialist to better serve the needs of my students and to grow as a teacher.

We are going to experience, learn, and participate in so many new things this year. I love to get creative with my lessons, so be prepared for phenomenal projects, amazing activities, and a great amount of student input and participation. 

My Favorites:
Food: Potato Chips
Color: Orange
Book Series: A Series of Unfortunate Events
Hobbies: Cooking, decorating for the holidays, and flea marketing
Quote: "You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar."

Interesting Facts About Me:
I am proud to say I have made "straight A's" from kindergarten to college.
(Hard work truly does pay off.)

 I create a non-profit, Halloween display for all ages in the Oswego Public Library's basement called, "The Haunted Library." It's an amazing experience you wouldn't want to miss!